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Get important SaaS Softwares that help SMEs in digitally enablement across value chain – ERP, CRM, HRMS, SCM etc.

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Implement & integrate diverse Cloud based Software products in business process, improve efficiency & adapt with digital economy

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SMEs Get in Synch with Digital Economy & Harness Growth

India is aspiring to be a multi Trillion $ Economy in next five years driven by “Digital” initiatives taken in last few years.

India has world’s 2nd largest internet user – 462 million and growing fast. Large government platforms like GST, Aadhar, UPI are fuelling India in to a “Digital Economy”. But, SMEs are falling behind. Just 2-3 % are fully digitally enabled. With this huge opportunity, SMEs will be the largest contributor to “Digital Economy” in coming years if they put their act together.

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Our Motto The Best Value for you by aligning with Digital Age

We enable new value paradigms by innovating and bundling innovation in to flexible solutions.

We help SMEs through a cycle of consulting, designing solutions to suit their needs and transform them in to digitally driven businesses with information orientation and security. Read more

Digital Consulting

SMEs need to adapt to emerging “Digital Economy”  and become digitally enabled  – to have  higher efficiency and growth.

We help SMEs to find and architect a solutions to their specific business needs. Our services can provide you with a lower cost of operations without compromising on quality. Read more

Business apps for SME

In age of cloud, SME can easily get digitally enabled using a combination of SaaS or off-the-shelf Software for business applications.

Cloud helps SMEs in many ways much more than it does for large enterprises. Importantly, cloud helps SMEs to do away with creating a captive infrastructure. Read more

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing has created largest impact on digital revolution and SMEs can easily become digital by using Cloud.

We help SMEs by designing a solution for them, do implementation, testing and helps you apply digital payment collection through out your value chain. Read more


Digital Economy will be overwhelmed with digital transactions and SMEs find e-commerce a lucrative option to increase outreach in market.

Digital Arena for SMEs

Smart SMEs adopt digital solutions based on Cloud hosted Software and Systems giving them ability to be mobile and manage all data online.


Introduction to Cloud Telephony

Our Valuable Partners

Our valued partners are focused are providing solutions for SMBs in digital space. We partner with leading companies in Digital space ZOHO, Tally, Freshworks for FreshDesk, GreyTip, Microsoft, AWS, Ascent etc.