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All-In-One Enterprise Email Solution

Worlds First Linguistic Enterprise Email Solution


Unified Communications and Collaboration

Xgen allows you to schedule; manage events and meetings. Plan one-time; recurring meetings and set reminders for them. Send the reminder as text message on user’s mobile number.

  • Manage Calendars & Meeting Invitations
  • Resource Planning & Scheduling
  • Share Calendars
  • Schedule Tasks
  • Shared folders
  • Schedule Tasks
Robust Antispam Technology

Spamjadoo applies almost a dozen levels of checks and validations to every mail before letting it through to your Inbox. The powerful ESP engine incorporates over 100 rules at the server, domain and user levels. A highly optimized architecture ensures virtually no delay in mail delivery.

  • Unique privacy based approach
  • Work transparently
  • No effort required
  • Flexibility to suit your working style
  • A world without spam
IDN Email Web Hosting

Internationalized domain name (IDN) is a domain name or URL with local language characters instead of English /Latin or ASCII Characters i.e (0-9, A to Z, a to z ) . IDN’s uses a particular encoding format that allows a wider range of script to represent a domain name. These are the domain name that includes Non-ASCII Unicode characters of scripts like Cyrillic, Chinese, Hindi, Gujarati and more..

EAI (Email Address Internationalization) – Email Address Internationalization (EAI), also called IDN Email, is an international email address that contains international characters (Non-ASCII characters) in the local part, the domain part of an email address.

Easy Admin Management
  • Domain Setting
  • Set login limits on domain level
  • Corporate Branding
  • Add Bulk users to domain
  • Send Automated Messages
  • Mailing Lists
  • Shout Box
  • Manage Individual User
  • Get Audit Details for each user
Security and Compliance

Xgenplus’s information security team, including security experts are focused on keeping your information safe abiding all the regulations . Our robust IT architecture is capable of safe keeping highly sensitive corporate data.

Proven Cost Savings

Xgenplus’s web-based Messaging and Collaboration features have no specific Hardware or Software requirements which require extra cost to be paid at client’s end and need minimal administration, generating tremendous savings in terms of time and cost.

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