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Business Email Hosting Features


Full Archiving
Preserve your email and chat history with full archiving. It also provides searchable message archiving at the domain and system level for inbound and outbound email and chat
Collaboration & Synchronization
Synchronize your email, contacts, calendars, tasks, and notes with email clients like Microsoft Outlook 13, Windows 8 Mail, Apple Mail and Mozilla Thunderbird or with the latest Apple, Android and Windows phones and tablets.
Premium Anti-virus/Anti-spam Protection
ZNetLive provides budding businesses with: Industry-best antivirus & anti-spam that ensures 97% spam protection upon setup and installation.
Instant Messaging
Communicate with your co-workers in real time with ZNetLive’s BizMail instant messaging features. It allows you to use your own XMPP-compatible instant messaging desktop client like Adium, Digsby or Live Messenger or mobile clients like IM+ and IMO to have instant access to anyone within your organization.
Easy Migration
Easily migrate single mailbox, or an entire domain, from mail services like Gmail, Yahoo!, Office 365 / Outlook.com, Hotmail / Windows Live, Microsoft Exchange or even mail servers like Merak, iMail and MailEnable.
Access Anywhere
Access your email, calendars, contacts, tasks, chats and notes anywhere with ZNetLive’s BizMail webmail interface that combines aesthetics with the full functionality of a desktop client. Mailbox Size is 25 GB of storage with unlimited bandwidth.


Manage multiple email accounts with BizMail
Send and receive messages from any email clients that support POP, IMAP and SMTP email accounts and configure different signatures to use with each account.
Quick Search

Find any message, appointment, attachment, contact, task or note with just one click by BizMail’s enhanced search capabilities & indexing.

Link Tasks to Emails
With email as the way to assign tasks, BizMail includes the ability to link a message to a task. By linking emails & tasks together, users can ensure relevant communications regarding a task that are always easily accessible and available.
Find Attachments Easily

Search all incoming and outgoing messages with attachments. It also detects missing attachments when they should be present. E.g., when a message contains the word attachment but no files are attached.

Cloud-based File Storage
Turn your mailbox into personal cloud and send files of all sizes to anyone. Share files and eliminate attachments by uploading files to the server and share through public links.
Follow-up Flagging

Mark emails for follow-up so that you don’t forget to respond to an important email from a client, friend, or family member.


Robust Calendaring & Scheduling
Choose default calendar view, show task start dates & due dates, specify working hours, & view the 7-day weather forecast. The free busy scheduler and appointment invites with availability checking make it easy to find time to collaborate with business & personal contacts.
Share Calendars, Tasks, & More
Sharing resources across a company, department, or among a group of users gets easier with BizMail. Users can create, manage, and share collaboration items via webmail, third-party clients, or mobile devices.
Select Meeting Location
While scheduling meeting, select the conference or meeting room where you want to conduct that meeting.
Personalize Contacts
Add pictures to your contacts so that you can easily identify them when typing up emails or using the included live chat.


Smartphones Specific Interface

Enjoy the simple, yet fully effective, mobile interface designed specifically for smartphone users. Easily manage email, contacts, calendars, tasks and notes on Android, iPhone and Windows phones.

Exchange ActiveSync

With Exchange ActiveSync, syncing BizMail with most smartphones gets quicker, automatic & easier. The Exchange ActiveSync add-on is the only synchronization method that uses direct push technology to ensure changes in email and the collaboration items are recorded automatically in both BizMail and the mobile device in real time.

Full Mobile Instant Messaging

Stay connected even while travelling by instant messaging that is fully compatible with a number of mobile instant messaging clients such as IM+ and IMO.

Compatible with Blackberry, iOS, Android etc.

Offers synchronization support for most mobile devices, including BlackBerry, Google Android, Apple’s iPad and iPhone, Motorola, Nokia, HP, Samsung, LG and Windows Phones.


Multi-layered outbound Anti-Spam Measures

Numerous outbound spam checks has been set to ensure the integrity of mail server, including URIBL, Domain Keys/ DKIM, Bayesian filtering & the Spam Assassin based Pattern Matching engine.

Pattern Matching Engine based on Span Assassin

BizMail incorporates the Spam Assassin-based Pattern Matching Engine as part of its multi-layered spam protection strategy.

AntiVirus Software based on Industry Standards

AntiVirus Software based on Industry Standards Add pictures to your contacts so that you can easily identify them when typing up emails or using the included live chat.

Built-in Intrusion Detection
BizMail’s built-in intrusion detection system monitors the mail server for malicious activity. Once a security threat is identified, the system will automatically take action to block the attack and ensure mail server security.

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